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Frequently Asked Lace Wig Questions


What is a Lace Wig?  

Lace Wigs are a more natural and painless method of hair extensions that give the illusion that hair is growing out of the scalp.  Lace material is used at the base where each unit of hair is hand-tied meticulously onto the lace.  This creates a very natural and realistic look

Who wears Lace Wigs?

Some people wear Lace Wigs due to medical conditions that cause hair loss such as alopecia.  Others may wear them in order to promote growth of their natural hair and give it a break from daily styling.  Lots of people wear Lace Wigs as a fashion statement and to simply change up their style.  Either way, Lace Wigs have become very popular in recent years, due to the fact that they are convenient, versatile and natural looking in appearance.  Women of all ethnicities can enjoy Lace Wigs.


What is a Lace Front Wig?  

Lace Front Wigs can be made with human hair, a blend of human and synthetic hair, or synthetic hair only.  They are created with Swiss or French lace and a stretchable cap, which extends from ear to ear across the hairline.  Lace Front Wigs are made similar to “regular” wigs along the back and sides.  When you receive your brand new Lace Front Wig, it will come with a very long piece of lace, which extends in the front.  The long piece of lace will need to be cut to fit your head properly in order to create a natural looking hairline.  Once the Lace Front Wig is applied, the hairline will be very natural looking and appear as though the hair is growing directly from the scalp.  High ponytails and up do’s cannot be worn with Lace Front Wigs.


What is a Full Lace Wig?   

Full Lace Wigs can be made with human hair, a blend of human and synthetic hair, or synthetic hair only.  They are entirely created with Swiss or French lace.  Full Lace Wigs have lace around the entire perimeter, which has to be cut in order to create a natural looking hairline all the way around.  Once the lace is cut and properly applied around the perimeter of your head, it can be styled as desired.  The entire perimeter of your hairline will be very natural looking and appear as though the hair is growing directly from the scalp.  Ponytails and up-dos can be worn with Full Lace Wigs.


What is the difference between a Lace Front Wig and a Full Lace Wig? 

A Lace Front Wig only has lace in the front (from ear to ear).  It does not have lace around the entire perimeter and cannot be worn in a high ponytail or an up-do.  If you do choose to wear your hair up while wearing a Lace Front Wig, please be mindful that it may not look natural.  However, Full Lace Wigs have lace around the entire perimeter, and can be worn in high ponytails and up-do’s.

What is the difference between a Full Lace Wig and a regular wig?  

Full Lace Wigs will give you the ability to part your hair anywhere you desire.  They also give you the option to wear your hair up in high ponytails, allowing you to expose the nape of your neck, while a normal wig does not allow for this option.  Lace Wigs are lightweight and more comfortable than traditional wigs.  Also, you can swim with Full Lace Wigs and wash them just as you would your natural hair (if a strong adhesive is used to apply them).

Will my Lace Wig be detectable?  

If it is applied correctly and carried out properly it will not be detectable.

Do I have to wear makeup to hide the lace?  

No, the lace should be cut back to your hairline and attached to your scalp with either liquid or tape wig adhesive.  Once this is done and the lace is the right shade of color, then it will be undetectable.  Many women have mastered the art of making their lace wigs look natural by using concealer on their parts, tweezing the part and hairline and many other techniques.


Can I wear a Lace Wig if I have a full head of hair?  

Yes.  Your natural hair can be braided or flattened with a wig cap before application.  Making sure your natural hair is as flat as possible will give you the most natural look.


What kind of hair is used in making Lace Wigs?  

Our Human Hair Lace Front Wigs and Full Lace Wigs are made with either Remy Hair or unprocessed Virgin Hair depending on the customer’s preference.  The most commonly used hair in manufacturing Lace Wigs is Indian Remy and Chinese Remy.  However, we also have Brazilian and Malaysian hair available.  

In addition, we carry Synthetic Lace Front Wigs and Human Hair Blend Wigs, which will still give a natural look at a more affordable price point.


What is the difference between Indian Remy and Chinese Remy Hair?  

Indian hair is currently the best and most versatile hair on the market.  It is the most commonly used type of hair in manufacturing Lace Wigs.  Not only is it beautiful and silky in appearance, but it’s also very rich in protein, which allows it to withstand daily handling.  Additionally, it is strong enough to withstand numerous chemical processes.  The popularity of Indian Remy is due to its versatility, flexibility, durability and texture.  Indian hair is recommended for everyone.

Chinese Remy, which can also be called Asian Remy, has become increasingly more commonly used with hair wefts and Full Lace Wigs.  The key feature is the thick hair strand, which allows the hair to be used for many nationalities and still look very natural in appearance.  Chinese Remy allows hair to appear more coarse when needed and makes a great substitution for natural African American hair.  


Are the materials used to make the base of the cap fine?  

Yes.  Swiss and French lace are the two types of materials used to make Lace Wigs.  Swiss lace is very fine, delicate and undetectable.  French lace is also fine but not as fine and delicate as Swiss lace.  French Lace is a bit more durable than Swiss Lace, which makes it more ideal for a beginner.  We recommend French lace for those buying a Lace Wig for the first time.

What is a Monofilament cap?   

Monofilament caps are constructed using a thin, breathable nylon or polyester mesh material at the crown of the Lace Wig, which gives the illusion of skin and assumes the wearer's natural scalp color by partially revealing the scalp below.  Monofilament caps offer the most natural look as well as styling versatility because each hair is individually hand tied at the crown so the hair can be parted and brushed in any direction.  The entire wig may be hand tied, or the wig may have a monofilament crown with wefted sides and back.  Monofilament wigs are an especially good choice for those with severe or total hair loss as the cap is soft, unlike cloth material, which can be itchy to those with sensitive scalps.  This particular cap is not commonly used so it is only available upon request.  Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a custom monofilament lace wig.


Can I customize my own Lace Wig?  

Absolutely!  Lace Wigs can be customized in any color, length, texture and style at a very reasonable price.  Please visit our Lace Front Wig or Full Lace Wig page to customize your wig today!


How do I measure my head for a Custom Lace Wig?  

Please visit our Measurement Page to read detailed instructions on how to take proper head measurements.  


Can anyone apply and maintain a Lace Front Wig?  

You do not need to be highly skilled in hair design to apply and maintain a Lace Wig.  However, we advise that you have it applied professionally if this is your first Lace Wig.

How do I apply a Lace Wig?  

Please visit our page on How to Apply Lace Wigs for detailed instructions.


How long can I wear my wig?  

Extended wear will depend on what adhesives you use, your body chemistry, how your skin responds to the adhesives, and how frequently you wish to re-apply.  Please be mindful of the condition of your natural hair and scalp during extended wear.  Most clients achieve a 2-3 week hold with the right adhesive, washing and nurturing their own hair in between applications.  If you are bald or have significant hair loss, you are likely to achieve a much longer hold. 


How long will the Lace Wig last?  

It strictly depends on how well the wig is maintained.  It can last between three months to one year if properly handled.  In some cases they can last longer.


How do I care for my wig?  

When not in use, always store your wig on a mannequin or wig stand to maintain its shape.  Frequency of cleaning will depend on your environment, lifestyle and amount of perspiration.  Suggested guidelines for cleaning are after 10 to 14 days of wear.  To clean and condition your wig, follow the instructions that come with it.  Special products should also be used on Lace Wigs because the hair has been processed several times and is vulnerable to damage.  Any high quality shampoo formulated for processed hair may be used, but we strongly recommend you use the products made especially for wigs to protect your investment.  For more info please visit our Hair Care page.

Do I have to use adhesives to wear my Lace Wig?  

No!  The bobby pin method works also (using bobby pins to attach the wig to your hair).  It depends on your circumstances and lifestyle.  Some clients like to remove their wigs on a daily basis and find that pinning it down is convenient even though it allows for less styling options.  Others may want to maximize the length of hold and styling options by applying the wig to the perimeter of their head with adhesives.


Can I wear the wig behind my hairline?  

Yes, especially if you have a smaller forehead and cannot afford the room to apply the wig in front of your natural hairline.


What color lace is best suited to my skin tone?  

We advise that you select a lace color that closely matches your scalp, not the color of your skin tone.  When you part your Lace Wig, you want it to appear as your natural scalp color.  Please view our Color Charts to see the various color options.


What density should I order and why does it matter?  

Density refers to how thick the hair is and the density you order is really based on personal choice.  Most women achieve a natural appearance with light to medium or medium density.  However, your choice will depend on your styling preferences and individual profile.  Please view our Density Chart to get a visual of which density best suits you.


What knot is best for me?  

Single knots are generally better for wigs that have a lighter density.  Double knots are preferred for durability and heavy density Lace Wigs.

Bleached knots create the illusion of hair growing directly from your scalp.  If you are ordering a wig that is light in color (blonde or similar) you do not have to select bleached knots as the hair is already light.


What are Hidden Knots/Silktop Caps?  

A Indian Remy 3-Layer Silktop Cap with Hidden Knots is the best money can buy.  It provides the most realistic scalp and natural hairline the market has to offer!  This option is available with Custom Lace Wigs.  We also have a limited supply of Silktop Lace Wigs in stock.


What is baby hair?  

Baby hair is the same texture hair as the entire wig, but shorter hair knotted around the perimeter of the Lace Wig.  Baby hair makes the hairline look more natural and helps the wig be more versatile so you can do high ponytails.  It also helps cover the edges of the lace.  Baby hair can be customized to your needs.  For example, if you only want it in the front of the Lace Wig, or none at all, we can do that at no extra charge.

Why choose baby hair?  

Most of our customers choose baby hair as it allows for your Lace Wig to be virtually undetectable.  However, it is optional.  


Can I wear different textures and colors other than my own?  

Absolutely!  Once the Lace Wig is applied beyond your natural hairline, you can go from a long and straight style to a short and curly style.  The choice is entirely up to you.

Can I have a style or color made that is not shown in your gallery?  

Yes, our collection is being continually updated so not every available style is represented on the site.  We offer customization at very reasonable prices.  Please send us your photos and detailed information on how you would like your Lace Wig made and we will provide you with a quote.


Can I flat iron or curl my Lace Wig?  

Yes.  Since the wig is made with natural hair, it can withstand household styling tools such as curling irons and flat irons.  You can even wash, set and style your Lace Wig just like your natural hair.  Please make note that the hair could be damaged with product overuse.

Can I change the color of my Human Hair Lace Wig?  

The technical answer is yes, but we do not recommend any further processing of the hair if it has already been dyed and processed.  We advise that you only allow an experienced Colorist to color the hair.  Remember that though the hair is 100% human, it is just as prone to damage from excessive processing as your own hair.  We cannot and will not be responsible for the results.

Can I exercise, swim or play with a Lace Wig?  

Yes.  As long as you have applied it with an adhesive that works with your body chemistry and can withstand the activities you partake in.

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