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Lace Wig Guide


Lace Wigs are high-quality handmade wigs.  They can be made with human hair, a blend of human and synthetic hair, or just synthetic hair.  Depending on the cap construction they can be parted anywhere with the appearance of real scalp, and can be blended into your natural hairline to make them virtually undetectable.  Best of all, they are customizable, which will ensure the perfect fit and desired look.

Lace Wigs are ideal for women who have lost their hair because of chemotherapy, alopecia, aging or medications.  They are also perfect for the busy woman on the go, who doesn't have time to sit for long periods of time at the hairdresser.  Additionally, Lace Wigs are great for any woman who simply wants a quick convenient change from her usual hairstyle, without having to make a permanent change.

The cap/base of Lace Wigs can be designed using several different kinds of materials including Lace, Silk, Thin Skin, or Monofilament.  However, most Lace Wigs are constructed using French, Swiss and/or stretch lace.  Each of these materials, with the exceptions of Monofilament, are available in several different shades to blend perfectly with various skin/scalp tones.  This gives the illusion that hair is growing directly out of the scalp, thus making it virtually undetectable. 

Once the cap/base of the wig is designed, human hairs are individually hand tied into knots on the lace.   The knots are then bleached in the front to make them less noticeable.  Lace Wigs are designed with lace extending from the front, or the entire perimeter of the wig, which can be trimmed to match your hair line. 

A Lace Wig will allow you to change your usual hairstyle in minutes while achieving the most natural look available!



There are many different options to choose from when ordering Custom Lace Wigs.  In fact, ordering a customized wig can sometimes be overwhelming due to the seemingly endless variety of options.  We understand this and were mindful of this fact while creating this page.  The guide below will help you become familiar with the terms and options frequently used when ordering and referring to Lace Wigs.  Please visit our FAQ section to answer general questions.  If you have additional questions after reading the informative guide below, as well as our FAQ's, then please feel free to Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Materials Used to Design Lace Wig Caps

French Lace:

French Lace is very durable, breathable and can be used for the front of the hairline and/or the entire base of the wig.  It also has good disappearing qualities on the front hairline.  Because of its durability, we highly recommend this type of lace for beginners.

Swiss Lace:

Swiss Lace is delicate, breathable and can be used for the front of the hairline and/or the entire base of the wig.  Swiss lace is finer and more fragile than French lace.  It also blends better with the skin for a less visible appearance.

Stretch Lace/ Stretch Panel:

Stretch Lace generally ensures a perfect fit.  If you’re a beginner, then we highly recommend that you have your cap designed with a stretch panel.  The stretch lace panel is a safety net to ensure that your Lace Wig will fit if you aren’t certain that you’ve taken accurate head measurements.  Stretch lace is usually located at the crown or ears of Lace Wig caps.  The remainder of the cap is designed using French lace, Swiss lace or some of the various materials listed below depending on preference. 

Thin Skin:

Thin Skin is a very thin polyurethane material that can be used for the front of the hairline and/or the entire base of the wig.  The extremely thin Micro Skin polyurethane material is ventilated by hand, using a looping technique so the hair will stay secure longer, and so that it appears to be growing directly out of the scalp.  Please note that this material does not allow your scalp/skin to breathe as well as other materials used in making Lace Wig caps such as lace, silktops and monofilament.


Monofilament caps are constructed using a thin, breathable nylon or polyester mesh material at the crown of the Lace Wig, which gives the illusion of skin and assumes the wearer's natural scalp color by partially revealing the scalp below.  The entire wig may be hand tied, or the wig may have a monofilament crown with Lace material at the sides and back.  Monofilament wigs are an especially good choice for those with severe or total hair loss as the cap is soft, unlike cloth material, which can be itchy to those with sensitive scalps.  Monofilament caps are not as popular as lace, silk, or thin skin caps.  If you wish to have your wig made with this material, then please Contact us, as it is only available upon request.


Silktop caps are also known as Triple Reversed Knots or Hidden knots.  Silktop caps are the best money can buy, and provide the most realistic looking scalp in comparison to the other cap options.  The reason is because the knots are completely hidden between the silk and the lace.  Silktop caps are designed using a high quality silk base at the top/crown and lace material in the front, back and sides.  Wearing a wig cap is not necessary with Silktop Lace Wigs because the silk is undetectable, offering the most realistic scalp possible.  Silktop Lace Wigs are available with custom orders and we also carry a limited supply In Stock. 


Lace, Thin Skin and Silktop Base Colors

Lace, Thin Skin and Silktop caps can be created in several shades to match various skin tones.  Please visit our Color Chart to find the color that best matches the color of your scalp.  If you are unsure of which color will best match your scalp, then we advise that you select a shade lighter than your skin tone.


Lace Wig Knot Options

Bleached Knots:

Lace Wig knots can be bleached to a lighter color to create the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp.  In addition, knots can be bleached on the front hairline of the wig, around the perimeter, or throughout the entire wig.  When ordering light colored wigs (blonde or similar), it is not necessary to select Bleached Knots as the hair is already light.  Please make note that we do not excessively bleach knots as it an damage the hair and cause shedding.

Single & Double Knots:

When hair is hand tied/ventilated through a wig cap it is tied in a knot.  Single knots are generally ordered with wigs that have a lighter density.  Some of our clients select single knots around the hairline, as it is less detectable in comparison to double knots. However, double knots are just as undetectable.  It is really a personal choice.  Double knots are preferred for durability and heavy density wigs.

Triple Reverse Knots:

Triple Reverse Knots, Hidden Knots and Silktops are terms used that all mean the exact same thing.  Triple Reversed Knots refers to the method of ventilating a wig cap where three layers of material are used, including two layers of lace and a top layer of silk.  The term Silktop is used to describe the Triple Reverse Knots or “Hidden Knots” because of the silk base.  Because the knots are totally invisible, even on the underside, this technique is also referred to as Hidden Knots.  Triple Reverse Knots are the best money can buy, and provide the most realistic looking scalp in comparison to the other cap options.


Hair Density

Density refers to how dense, or “thick” a Lace Wig is designed.  Density percentages range from 80% (Extra Light) to 180% (Extra Heavy).  The density percentage selected depends entirely on personal preference.  The hair texture selected could also impact the density.  The density suitable for most women is 115%, which is Light-Medium.  Most of the lace wigs that we have in stock are Light-Medium density.  Please visit our Hair Density Chart to view the density options.


Hair Texture

Our Lace Wigs can be designed with the following hair textures:  Yaki Straight, Light Yaki Straight, Silky Straight, Kinky Straight, Body Wave, Deep Wave, Water Wave, Curly, Jerry Curl, and Kinky Curl.  Additionally, our wigs can be designed using 100% unprocessed Virgin (or) Remy Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, and Brazilian Hair.  Please visit our Hair Texture page to view and learn more about the various hair textures used in designing Lace Wigs.  Also, please feel free to send us a photo of the texture that you want and we will try our best to match it


Hair Length

Lace Wigs can be designed in short, medium and long lengths depending on personal preference.  Hair from each wig is measured from crown to tip to determine the length.  We recommend clients to order lace wigs that are 2 inches longer than they may need.  Please visit our Hair Length Chart to view the hair length options.


Hair Color and Highlights

Lace Wigs can be designed using many color options.  We can mix up to three colors, as well as create Lace Wigs with highlights.  Additionally, we can create two-toned Lace Wigs upon request.  When placing custom orders, please specify exactly how you want your mixed colors, highlights, or two-toned options to look.  Also, feel free to send a photo to better help us understand the exact look you are going for.  Visit our Color Chart to see what colors we have available.


Baby Hair

Baby hair is shorter hair that has been tied around the front (or) the perimeter of the entire wig.  It is also the same texture as the rest of the wig.  Baby hair makes the hairline look more natural and also helps the wig be more versatile to allow high ponytails.  In addition, it helps cover the edges of the lace.  Baby hair can be customized to your needs.  For example, if you only want it in the front of the Lace Wig, or none at all, we can do that at no extra charge.



Our Custom and Stock units are all designed with natural hairlines.  However, if you would like your Custom Lace Wig to be designed with a widow’s peak, then please indicate this while placing your order.  Also, if you would like an exact match of your own hairline, then please send us a template (photo) of your hairline, and we will use it as a guide to design your Lace Wig. 


Part/ Ventilation

Part/Ventilation refers to the direction of the hair strands in the front section of the Lace Wig.  Our units can be designed with a part on right, left, at the center, or freestyle.  We recommend “freestyle”, as it gives you the freedom and flexibility to part your Lace Wig anywhere.  Almost all of our human hair stock units are designed with “freestyle” ventilation.


Head Measurements

Specific head measurements are used when designing Custom Lace Wigs at the customers request.  This makes it the most important part of the order.  A soft tape measure should be used when taking the six specific head measurements.  We recommend that you get someone else to help with the measurements and to measure at least three times to ensure accuracy.  For those who opt to order a unit that is already in stock, it is still important to know your exact head measurements.  Based on your exact measurements, you will know which one of our stock units will best suit you.  We generally ship medium caps for stock orders, but we do carry a few small and large caps.  Sometimes we even carry extra small and extra large units so please be sure to inquire before purchasing.  Please visit our Measurement Page to get specific directions on how to properly measure your head for a Custom Lace Wig.

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